Man jailed over computer password refusal

Richard Jones rich at
Thu Oct 7 18:23:06 BST 2010

On Thu, Oct 07, 2010 at 09:27:55AM +0100, Peter Mitchell wrote:
> As a juror I certainly wouldn't vote for conviction, in fact I'd send a 
> note to the judge asking him to reprimand the CPS for abuse of process and 
> seeking to pervert the course of justice. 

If the webserver logfiles and ISP records have been preserved then we
should be able to tell at least between:

(a) he never visited the site in question

(b) he visited once and got the hell out of there

(c) regular visitor

(d) uploaded content

(e) a "kingpin" in the organization, admin account etc.

Would you still come across all libertarian in some of the above
cases?  If I know anything about the Great British Public I don't
think most people would be sending notes to the judge.

No one is benefitting from him being in prison at the moment.  Either
he's a danger to children in which case he's effectively getting off
scott-free (no need to register as a sex offender so he can wander
where he wants after prison), or we taxpayers are paying a grand a
week to destroy a man's future.


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