Nominet as official police censors

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Mon Nov 29 08:50:33 GMT 2010

In article <4CF35309.2020804 at>, Peter Tomlinson 
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>> What an excellent way of enforcing a police officer's personal 
>>interpretation of (say) the Obscene Publications Act, without having 
>>to trouble the courts. I look forward to the disappearance of all DH 
>>Lawrence study sites.
>Thus putting yet another cost burden on students, as they would have to 
>buy the books and the commentaries on the books... (A friend's daughter 
>is studying DHL as part of an English Lit degree - like so many others, 
>she is having to work hard in a minimum wage job to fund her studies 
>without taking on even more "student debt" - DHL book text is available 
>on line FOC for study purposes, so I assume other books in the same 
>genre are similarly available.)

And even if the DH Lawrence .uk censorship straw man did come to pass, 
what makes you think that the content wouldn't be available on a website 
that didn't have a .uk domain name? For example, has a 
section with Lady Chatterley's lover.
Roland Perry

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