Nominet as official police censors

Peter Tomlinson pwt at
Mon Nov 29 07:15:21 GMT 2010

Peter Mitchell wrote:
> What an excellent way of enforcing a police officer's personal 
> interpretation of (say) the Obscene Publications Act, without having 
> to trouble the courts. I look forward to the disappearance of all DH 
> Lawrence study sites.
Thus putting yet another cost burden on students, as they would have to 
buy the books and the commentaries on the books... (A friend's daughter 
is studying DHL as part of an English Lit degree - like so many others, 
she is having to work hard in a minimum wage job to fund her studies 
without taking on even more "student debt" - DHL book text is available 
on line FOC for study purposes, so I assume other books in the same 
genre are similarly available.)


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