Consultation on change to RIP interception definition ("unintentional interception")

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Fri Nov 19 08:22:15 GMT 2010

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>> I trust ISPs don't propagate routes for RFC1918 any more...
>As the available free pool of IPv4 diminishes, the RIRs are taking a 
>much closer look at what they call "noise" in /8's that they receive 
>from IANA and which were supposed to be previously unregistered (and 
>hence unused/unannounced). Geoff Huston at APNIC has done much of this, 
>if you want the gory details.

Geoff's speaking about this (again) at the Rome RIPE meeting, as I type. 
The webcast and slides should be available online. He says there's 
100megabits on at the moment, and nearly a gigabit peak on the 
whole /8.

(It's named ipv6, but plenty of v4 stuff included).

And "Private networks leak like crazy..." he says!
Roland Perry

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