Contactless bank cards

Ian Batten igb at
Thu Nov 18 08:24:40 GMT 2010

> One of the difficulties of RFID is multiple cards. I know that a door-entry RFID which I have interferes with my Oyster, for example. I wonder what will happen when people have multiple pay-wave cards in the wallet?

My father can attest to the fact that Oyster scanners get upset if you have a Birmingham "Freedom Pass" in the same holder as the Oyster Card.   The Oyster reader reads the Birmingham card, thinks it's an uninitialised or otherwise hooky Oyster card and aborts the transaction.   The set of people who have multiple Oyster-alikes (most commonly, I suspect, regular visitors to London who have a Oyster and their home town's Oyster-alike) is only going to grow.


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