Contactless bank cards

Peter Tomlinson pwt at
Thu Nov 18 08:21:59 GMT 2010

Roland Perry wrote:
> In article <4CE4D01F.3010703 at>, Peter Tomlinson 
> <pwt at> writes
>> There is also a risk that mobile phone based methods using NFC 
>> technology will wake up the tokens when the field strength from the 
>> terminal is lower than needed to wake up an ordinary smart card - but 
>> with NFC you should be getting a message on the phone's screen (and 
>> maybe a squeal as well) to show that a value transaction has taken 
>> place.
> One of the difficulties of RFID is multiple cards. I know that a 
> door-entry RFID which I have interferes with my Oyster, for example. I 
> wonder what will happen when people have multiple pay-wave cards in 
> the wallet?
They will have to take out of the wallet the card that they want to use 
(some people already report that problem).


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