Consultation on change to RIP interception definition ("unintentional interception")

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Wed Nov 17 16:10:11 GMT 2010

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>How about an iPad that gives up its DHCP lease but keeps on using the address?

I think I heard about a related problem on one of the UK's GSM data 
networks many years ago. If a handset dropped off, and another came 
online and was given the same IP address, it would start receiving 
(mainly streaming iirc) data that was originally intended for the first 

And (on a much longer timescale) I could imagine someone with a static 
IP address and an MX server disappearing (but their DNS entries 
remaining), and their IP address being reassigned to another subscriber, 
who might start receiving some "wrong" emails (mainly Spam, but I don't 
see an exemption for intercepting those) if he sets up an MX server.

Oh, and the same again when a Domain registration lapses, and someone 
else registers it.
Roland Perry

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