Consultation on change to RIP interception definition

Ian Batten igb at
Wed Nov 17 10:13:18 GMT 2010

>  If you
> breach it, a claim in equity may be made against you.

And to the person to whom you gave the information?  I thought not.

> A contract can certainly state that any third party has power over
> aspects of the contract. 

At their discretion, though.  I could frame a contract in which I and my counter-party agree that if we have a dispute, we'll ask Francis Davey to adjudicate.  But if we phone you up and demand an hour of your time, and you tell us to get stuffed, the contract between us can't compel you.   A contract can of course refer to third parties, but surely it can't bind them to courses of action?  Otherwise my wife and I have just signed a contract which says you're going to give us all your money.


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