Contactless bank cards

Ian Batten igb at
Tue Nov 16 10:38:52 GMT 2010

> Suppose you, as pet shop assistant, on one particular day sell £200 worth of rabbit food, of which £150 was paid for in cash and £50 by card. In your pocket you have some stolen debit cards along with their PINs. So you steal £50 cash from the till and make the total takings back up to £200 by putting through £50 worth of debit card transactions. 

Unless you can reliably operate the till in privacy, with the ability to pre-spot stupid customers, you're going to get caught.    I assume some scam like this is behind the big sign at the pasty place in Euston Station that "if we don't give you a receipt, your food is free".   You're going to need to pocket money as it comes over the counter, and not issue a receipt.    You're going to have to do that without opening the till, because each time you do that it's logged (and you can't usually open the till without an open transaction).  


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