Consultation on change to RIP interception definition

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Thu Nov 11 12:38:11 GMT 2010

In article <4CDBBF17.3070209 at>, Peter Tomlinson 
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>It seems to me that the assumption will be that the owner of the 
>account will have given consent on behalf of all users of the account 
>(typically of that keyboard). So consent ought to be given in some 
>secure manner (a) that is logged in a way that can be verified and, if 
>the user wishes, changed,

If the CSP was a PAYG (or free) wifi point, that would add a whole extra 
layer to the sign-up process. Plus all CSPs having to add some sort of 
permanently accessible account parameters. I now that the transparency 
is desirable, but worry about the implementation.

>and (b) that, if consent has been given, ensures that an informative 
>logo is always displayed in each browser window.

How would that work - the CSP intercepting every web page and adding 
something that he fondly believes every browser in the world would 

ps HTTP is not the only protocol on the Internet.
Roland Perry

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