Here we go again - ISP DPI, but is it interception?

James Firth james2 at
Thu Jul 29 14:34:07 BST 2010

David Biggins wrote:
> Hmmmm.....
> The other week, I requested some data from a SOAP web service...
> The XML response arrived, interestingly, broken, with javascript
> embedded in it.
> The client and server machines are both clean, and the server most
> assuredly does not send script in its responses.
> Regrettably, I didn't keep the response - deadlines loomed, so I
> repeated the request, which arrived clean.
> Virgin Media is my ISP, and the last time I saw something like this was
> during the Phorm trials.

The last 2 cases of this I investigated turned out to be down to Norton
Internet Security running on the client machine.  I assume you've already
considered this and will keep my ear to the ground.

James Firth

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