Is an (inaccurate) national adress database a treat to privacyand sometimes personal security?

Peter Tomlinson pwt at
Wed Dec 8 11:03:16 GMT 2010

I'm really puzzled now. Is PDS just addresses, or are patient names 
(always or just in some doctors' practices) linked to their addresses on 


On 07/12/2010 17:34, Ian Batten wrote:
>> The Department does not want to highlight
>> the fact that its PDS system is available to over 800,000 users and
>> is thus insecure.
> The nonsense about "oh well, they're all vetted" should hopefully be rendered slightly less convincing to government by mentioning Bradley Manning.  Whatever your views on l'affaire Wikileaks, one positive side-effect of it will be that governments will realise that "secrets" accessible to millions of people aren't secret at all.
> By the by, back in the day, a company I was working with disabled USB and floppy ports on computers, to reduce data leakage (the argument ran that although the disabling was by-passable, it removed the "I didn't know I wasn't allowed to" argument).  One has to wonder why the US Military didn't do likewise, and whether the much-vaunted NHS security policy will do so.
> ian

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