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Fri Aug 27 12:26:52 BST 2010

course of an account-opening visit to the branch, during which they
could check whatever credentials were flavour of the decade. It seems to
me very odd indeed for a bank to rely on anything other than a signature
expressly provided as a specimen for account management purposes -
people often use different signature for signing cheques from the ones
they use for other purposes.

> My bank refused to honour a cheque on the grounds that it did not
> match the mandated signature.
> With some difficulty, I got a sight of the said signature, obtained in
> 2002 abd scanned in in 2004. The bank is unable to tell me where the
> signature came from: it could have been from something I signed or
> taken from a cheque.
> Surely there must be some regulations or at the least internal bank
> regulations on this? Seeing I’ve been with the same bank since 1961
> and the same branch since 1979, it seems a bit odd to only get a
> signature in 2002!
> (and it has become more flamboyant compared to the signature they hold
> – so why have other, similarly large, cheques been honoured without
> problems?)

Anybody's guess, unfortunately - just a more than usually careful bit of
random scrutiny, perhaps.

You should obviously give them a new specimen, but you may have to turn
up at the branch to do it.

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