Being safe on the internet (was Re: Here we go again - ISP DPI, but is it interception?)

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Wed Aug 11 17:33:32 BST 2010

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>> [1] Nor was one allowed to without permission. No private calls 
>>during the day either, which is instrumental in why I campaign about 
>>such things even today.
>Although at 10p/min

For local calls, weren't they like 2p for unlimited time then?

>it's easy to see why it was an issue in those  days,

No incoming calls either... from estate agents who were trying to find 
me somewhere to live... so that ICL could stop having to pay me to stay 
somewhere at their expense... as part of the relocation package.

>and the massive prevalence of mobile phones makes it much less  of an 
>issue than it used to be.  Since I left Fujitsu I've been going  around 
>replacing "daytime contact" for things associated with the  children to 
>my mobile number, and I've found that I'd actually  provided my mobile 
>number for most of them anyway.

I've used my mobile number for that since I first had an Orange phone 
(which for various reasons was a little before they launched). But that 
was 16 years after I left ICL!
Roland Perry

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