Being safe on the internet (was Re: Here we go again - ISP DPI, but is it interception?)

Francis Davey fjmd1a at
Wed Aug 4 14:41:49 BST 2010

On 4 August 2010 14:34, Roland Perry <lists at> wrote:
> In article <AANLkTi=zDCjqopT1ASfrBJDmpcFp1Ox8maWzDko2q+WW at>,
> Francis Davey <fjmd1a at> writes
>> So the moral is: don't supply a URL to a website where you know that
>> success will give you access to data to which you are not entitled,
>> for whatever reason.
> As long as the url is pointing to something on the public side of the url's
> root, I may have no idea whether or not the content I will find is something
> the website considers me unauthorised to view. It may well be the case that
> a combination of sloth and incompetence has merely rendered that content
> inaccessible to visitors.

Right, which is why its a crime which requires you to "know" that
access is unauthorised. If you have no idea, you aren't committing an
offence (at least under s.1)

Francis Davey

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