Being safe on the internet (was Re: Here we go again - ISP DPI, but is it interception?)

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Tue Aug 3 20:13:49 BST 2010

Philip <ukcrypto at>, wrote:

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>> So now I have deleted the cybersec cert from the exceptions list and
>> tried again - and now FF doesn't complain. So it looks like something in
>> FF got altered/updated in the transition from v3.6.x (whatever it was
>> that I had) to v3.6.7. As I think I noted earlier, I haven't had the
>> shower of complaints from FF about certs since I upgraded.
> I am surprised that so many people here are still using Firefox 3.6.7,  
> when 3.6.8 has been out for a while ...
> When I try to view, Firefox  
> displays
> the page, but I do get a warning (Red exclamation mark in the status bar)
> which warns me that "This page does not supply ownership information" and
> also that (despite the HTTPS) "Parts of the page you are viewing were not
> encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet".

Interesting.  I don't see any warnings from Firefox 3.6.8 nor do I get any  
warnings with Opera 10.61 b3476 or Chrome 5.0.375.125

No, the website's owners don't have extended validation (not a big deal  
for such a site) but none of my browsers reports a part-encrypted web page  
- and I know that Opera in particular is hot on that.

I can't see how you got a red exclam.


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