Blackberries , encryption and other mobile phones

John Young cryptome at
Mon Aug 2 17:18:19 BST 2010

The laws of a country determine security of communications,
not matter the promises of the service provider and its technical

Arrangements with countries are never truthful by arrangement,
indeed by law and in most cases by secret law.

This is conventional wisdom of comsec experts, not a few of whom
are complicit, indeed, love the indeeds, few of whom are not
complicit and those are in jail, dead broke, soon to be dead, or

One dog whistle to recognize a die-hard comsec collaborator
with governments is to have alluring claims of public interest and
opposition to government surveillance loudly shouted, lectured
about, advertised, long-resumed, most cited by the trustingg
gullible, and correlatively admired, envied, copied and collaborated
with by those aspiring to the same booty.

These comsec charlatans, they call themselves falsely immodestly
bragging of double-crossing nefaria essential to the industry,
compete with one another by fierce attacks to expose one another's
vulnerabilities, some openly via scam openness, with the ostensible
public interest of revealing what some want desperately to hide,
all the while aiming to hide what is not to be revealed except to
those willing to pay very well for access.

A few countries publish almost credible accounts of law governing
these matters. What is lacking in all cases is what the wizards
writing the law know about misleading the public for what else,
very good pay to keep the secrets among themselves, more or

The scoundrels do not trust one another for they know what lies
within their scheming breasts: fear, uncertainty and doubt about
the other schemers exceptionally eager to demolish the very
best protection and lay the blame on the target.

The very characteristics of public servants, professionals the

I am an unpaid amateur wishing to be of help thus a snitch.

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