Blackberries , encryption and other mobile phones

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On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 12:12 PM, Tony Naggs <tony.naggs at>wrote:

> I am not sure how email works on the newer Blackberry devices being
> sold to consumers, I thought they use the standard Internet protocols
> that other phones use. These are very often not encrypted, but the
> actual security will depend on combinations of configuration of the
> device and the remote access email service offered by your ISP.

As I understand it, the consumer devices use the same encrypted protocols to
talk to RIM, and RIM (or possibly the network provider running some of RIM's
software) then talk via the standard POP/IMAP to the email server.

Even when you run your own Blackberry Enterprise Server on site
communication is via RIM's infrastructure rather than direct from the device
to the BES, though messages are encrypted at the BES so that even RIM cannot
intercept them.

It's not clear from the stories I've read whether UAE is blocking the use of
the servers or the devices - the latter could perhaps impact visitors with

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