[Thankeu] Things achieved, and a gathering some time?

Owen Dunn owend at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Mon May 11 12:34:01 BST 2015

I've created this list so that we've got a place to discuss all this
stuff and I don't have to add people ad hoc to a CC list.  I'm
basically happy with anyone being on it, although we should probably
keep it relatively small.

I've registered thankeu.org.uk and thank-eu.org.uk for a couple of
years, which can in due course become the repository for stuff.

I've also got @thankeu_UK on twitter.  (@thankeu and @thank_eu already
being taken.)  I'm not actually wedded to the name, but it seemed wise
to nab things now just in case.

Would it be useful to have some sort of get together to bash around
ideas for what are good reasons, and how we're going to assemble them?

`Touch can bring blossom to things that decay.'

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