Backup windows share with rsbackup?

Richard Kettlewell rjk at
Sat Jan 27 20:16:55 GMT 2018

On 17/01/18 15:14, Samuel Wolf wrote:
> Sorry, i rename it during testing some setups.
> First idea was to mount (pre-backup-hook) the share before the volume
> and check *inside* the volume it is mounted.
> host tester
>   hostname localhost
>   pre-backup-hook /etc/rsbackup/scripts/
>   post-backup-hook /etc/rsbackup/scripts/
>   volume data /mnt/tester
>     check-mounted true
> But "check-mounted true" inside the volume is also executing after the
> pre-backup-hook inside the host,
> so rsbackup can never backup this host.
> Second idea is pre-backup-hook return value !=0 which result in a error
> message every cron run if the host is offline.
> If "check-mounted true" inside the volume will executing after the
> pre-backup-hook inside the host everythink would be fine without
> error message from the cron.
> Hostname "localhost" with a ping check before backup will solve this
> problem as well.
> Is there any other idea to solve this issue?

Why it's like this: the original use case was LVM snaphots, not an
additional test for whether the filesystem was available. For that use
case, the logging is appropriate.

In the short term, I think the only answer is to ensure that the
filesystem is available before running rsbackup.

In the longer term, the hook API could be expanded to support your use case.


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