ECDH, early capabilities, etc.

Mark Wooding mdw at
Mon May 1 01:37:47 BST 2017

Ian Jackson <ijackson at> writes:

> Most of it I am entirely happy with.  For the parts I had
> queries/comments/whatever I have sent emails with review comments.

Thanks for your insightful remarks.  I've almost finished working up the
fixed version.

> In the interests of getting some of your series out of your tree and
> into mine, feel free to make a pre- series that contains only fixes
> etc.

Yes, I may well do that.

Some notes of my own.

  * The `@@@' commits are for my own use, and not intended for upsteam.
    I planned to filter them out before sending a formal pull request.
    That said, if anything in there looked interesting, I'd be happy to
    tidy it up.

  * You didn't remark on the binary-safe DH public transmission.  I'd
    ordered this somewhat oddly, so as to allow either (a) hex
    transmission only, or (b) binary transmission for the new DH groups.
    In the latter case, I could undo the factoring out of the hex
    encode/decode functions (but I think that's worth having anyway).
    If you prefer (b), then I'll sink it below the XDH integration.

-- [mdw]

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