ECDH, early capabilities, etc.

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Sun Apr 30 17:33:24 BST 2017

Mark Wooding writes ("Re: ECDH, early capabilities, etc."):
> Ian Jackson <ijackson at> writes:
> > How about this:
> >
> >  #define CAPAB_EXPLICIT_TRANSFORM_DH      0x00001000
> >  #define CAPAB_INEXPLICIT_TRANSFORM_MASK  0x0000ffff
> One thing: it seems odd that that a bit is doing double duty as the
> EXPLICIT flag and signalling X25519.  Should EXPLICIT have been
> 0x000080000 instead?

Yes, that was just a typo.

> > The message type code field is 32 bits.  I see nothing wrong with
> > #define LABEL_MSG3TER 0x23030323.
> OK.  I'll do it that way then.  But I think I'm going to add some macros
> for dissecting MSG3 variant labels into base type and variant codes,
> because otherwise /next/ time around `unpick_msg' will be rather ugly.


> I appear to be incapable of sitting down and just making a single change
> to a program, so 16 commits so far.  My (very much rewinding) branch is
> `mdw/xdh', in

Just fetched this and there's a zillion commits.  I'm quite sleepy but
I will look at them now...


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