[GIT SERIES v1] secnet: IPv6 support

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Mon Sep 29 18:13:51 BST 2014

The following series is available for review here:
in the following rev-list:

 52e9244  hackypar: Fix coding style
 c905c1b  udp: Use <bsd/sys/queue.h> for notify lists
 b322d6c  main loop: Use <bsd/sys/queue.h> for poll interest list
 cf423c1  poll: Introduce and use BEFOREPOLL_WANT_FDS
 54707ec  realloc: Provide safe_realloc_ary
 6d3080d  poll: Make handling of fds array actually dynamic
 4e5ac5b  poll: Abolish max_nfds
 f074b92  poll: Support deregistration from the main event loop
 e9c39cc  poll: Document reentrancy restriction on before()
 5c236a2  logging: Provide lg_perror and lg_vperror
 ed86937  comm: Rename a lot of state pointer variables
 5e48411  comm: Break out common code in comm
 f545e66  comm: Break out some common udp parts
 ddb488b  comm: Formalise interface to udp sockets
 622e9b6  comm: Make udp_make_socket be able to tolerate failures
 7fe448c  comm: Provide udp_socks_deregister
 eb03ce7  logging: Provide lg_exitstatus
 16ae6c0  logging: Use lg_exitstatus
 cc1258e  udp: Break out udp_destroy_socket
 6ec6ff7  process: Introduce afterfork()
 9b89d0e  Introduce setnonblock()
 40d6638  fds: Make many fds nonblocking
 eb99aed  util: Provide async_linebuf_read
 0115ba6  slip: Remove an incorrect XXX comment
 3662bc5  udp: Introduce some `us' convenience variables, etc.
 0da96aa  udp: Log transmission and reception errors, at least some of the time
 2948561  Makefile.in: Move settings of various directories above CFLAGS etc.
 42c3324  transform-cbcmac: Move max_[seq]_skew into params struct
 3009a07  transform: Break out SEQNUM_KEYED_FIELDS and SEQNUM_PARAMS_FIELDS
 582f066  transform: Discard previously-received packets
 e012b15  polypath: Provide polypath comm module
 e1f5f4e  polypath: Provide Linux interface monitor
 98c55be  test-example: Provide a polypath test


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