[PATCH 0/5] netlink: Fix ICMP generation

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Sat May 3 18:59:45 BST 2014

Ian Jackson writes ("[PATCH 0/5] netlink: Fix ICMP generation"):
> Before recent changes, secnet would rarely if ever generate ICMP in a
> point-to-point configuration.  Which was good, because ICMP generation
> was broken in that case: we would always borrow the peer's IP address.
> Also we would run the routing code, which is not appropriate in the
> ptp case.
> One symptom of this bug is broken path mtu discovery (resulting in TCP
> hanging) when a new secnet with a low mtu target talks to an old
> secnet (one without mtu negotiation).
>  1/5 netlink: rename "client" to "sender" in many places
>  2/5 netlink: Break out sender_name
>  3/5 netlink: Plumb "sender" through to ICMP generation
>  4/5 netlink: Move local_address into struct netlink
>  5/5 netlink: Generate ICMP correctly if point-to-point

I have pushed this series to master and am about to release the result
as 0.3.1~beta2.


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