[PATCH 0/5] netlink: Fix ICMP generation

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Sat May 3 16:50:41 BST 2014

Before recent changes, secnet would rarely if ever generate ICMP in a
point-to-point configuration.  Which was good, because ICMP generation
was broken in that case: we would always borrow the peer's IP address.
Also we would run the routing code, which is not appropriate in the
ptp case.

One symptom of this bug is broken path mtu discovery (resulting in TCP
hanging) when a new secnet with a low mtu target talks to an old
secnet (one without mtu negotiation).

 1/5 netlink: rename "client" to "sender" in many places
 2/5 netlink: Break out sender_name
 3/5 netlink: Plumb "sender" through to ICMP generation
 4/5 netlink: Move local_address into struct netlink
 5/5 netlink: Generate ICMP correctly if point-to-point

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