[PATCH 15/25] EAX: provide an implementation of EAX

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Sun Jul 21 11:47:09 BST 2013

Mark Wooding writes ("Re: [PATCH 15/25] EAX: provide an implementation of EAX"):
> Ian Jackson <ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> > Then for completeness we also provide a set of EAX-Serpent test
> > vectors and the corresponding test code.  The EAX-Serpent test vectors
> > were generated by this very code, so aren't independently verified.
> I've understood how my Serpent implementation differs from Secnet's, and
> have reproduced your test vectors.
> [stuff]

Thanks for the research.  This is now a bit of a mess, which I will
deal with in a bit.

> > +eax-%-test.confirm: eax-%-test eax-%-test.vectors
> > +	./$< <eax-$*-test.vectors >$@.new
> > +	mv -f $@.new $@
> This should read
> 	./$< <$(srcdir)/eax-$*-test.vectors >$@.new
> otherwise VPATH builds fail.


> Annoyingly, `xor' is a reserved word in C++, and a macro defined in
> <iso646.h>.  I'd recommend a different name, like `block_xor' or
> something.


> > +static void alg_omac_t_k(INFO, uint8_t *mac_out, uint8_t t,
> > +			 const uint8_t *m, size_t m_len)
> This can be made less fiddly, I think, by splitting `cbc_iter' in two
> and delaying the `BLOCK_ENCRYPT' application.  Something like this
> (tested).  This subsumes the `cbc_init' and `cbc_iter' functions, so I
> removed them.

Thanks, I like your version a lot better.  I've incorporated it.
(I've kept your S-o-b from your previous contribution to this patch.)

> Also, this file has lines containing trailing whitespace and a mix of
> tabs and spaces for indentation, sometimes on the same line.  (My Emacs
> goes into `angry-fruit-salad-mode'.)

I don't think I would normally care abuut this in secnet.  But this
particular file is probably useful elsewhere, so to make that slightly
less awkward I've untabified it and removed the trailing spaces.


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