secnet 0.3.0~beta1

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Thu Jul 12 21:42:09 BST 2012

(sgo-software discuss added back into the CC)

Stephen Early writes ("Re: secnet 0.3.0~beta1"):
> Works for me with the current sites file from chiark (where the previous 
> version did not).

Good, thanks.

> Notes:
> version.c still says 0.2.1


> make-secnet-sites still says 0.1.18


Do we have a release checklist ?

> The directory name in the .tar.gz is secnet.git - is this deliberate?

I used git-buildpackage and that was the name of the directory on my
workstation.  It would be nicer if it were called secnet/ or
secnet-<version>/ but I can't see how to get git-buildpackage to do


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