secnet 0.3.0~beta1

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Thu Jul 12 20:49:25 BST 2012

I have decided that we should actually incorporate outstanding patches
and make a release.  Therefore I have pushed and tagged 0.3.0~beta1
and also made a tarball and .deb of it.

This (well, something almost exactly like it) is now running on chiark
and I am also testing it on my netbook.  I'd encourage anyone else who
cares about it not being broken to test it.

secnet (0.3.0~beta1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
   - SECURITY FIX: avoid crashes (or buffer overrun) on short packets.
   - Bugfixes relating to packet loss during key exchange.
   - Bugfixes relating to link up/down status.
   - Bugfixes relating to logging.
   - make-secnet-sites made more sophisticated to support two vpns on chiark.
   - Documentation improvements.
   - Build system improvements.
  * Debian packaging improvements:
   - Native package.
   - Maintainer / uploaders.
   - init script requires $remove_fs since we're in /usr.

 -- Ian Jackson <ijackson at>  Thu, 12 Jul 2012 20:18:16 +0100


3df156009b64e69149dc7dbb0867b85e8b1913b28db920f6ab09d04e92c05eed  secnet_0.3.0~beta1.dsc
17bcae3a25b3ccd4141c75da87f785e1b714d482ae2071c494c84d2e0f3eeb79  secnet_0.3.0~beta1.tar.gz
e6795cc3c39682552ac83b6260d6967c2b9bfe844ee459a6e4583065b34d8da1  secnet_0.3.0~beta1_i386.changes
4ef2473f6ba2b05c09f1b51949489511d32d4a87c6582d7636fcd8f4a31e5a2a  secnet_0.3.0~beta1_i386.deb


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