[PATCH 1/9] chiark live tree fixes including proposed sites bugfix

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Wed Jul 11 01:14:41 BST 2012

Ian Jackson writes ("[PATCH 1/9] chiark live tree fixes including proposed sites bugfix"):
> These patches are in ~secnet/secnet-live.git on chiark:
>  1/9 netlink: Fix up link down behaviour
>  2/9 make-secnet-sites: Fix userv invocation after pfilepath
>  3/9 make-secnet-sites: Allow sites with no address
>  4/9 make-secnet-sites: New -P <prefix> option
>  5/9 make-secnet-sites: If definition found in wrong place, bomb out
>  6/9 make-secnet-sites: Actually include addresses in sites.conf
> I'm proposing these additional patches to sort out some problems with
> the way I was using `include':
>  7/9 make-secnet-sites: Do newline-trimming in pline()
>  8/9 make-secnet-sites: In -u mode, output file "dereferences" include directives
>  9/9] make-secnet-sites: Do not permit "include" in simple sites files
> In particular, Steve was complaining that the generated sites file
> contained an "include" directive which (a) means you can't process it
> with any released version of secnet and (b) anyway a normal site admin
> running make-secnet-sites should not have to trust the sites file
> (to the extent of having to scrutinise it for includes).

Steve, if this looks like a plausible approach to you I'll push those
changes to the live tree on chiark and test them there.  Alternatively
feel free to do that yourself; they are here right now

 login.chiark.greenend.org.uk:/u/ian/things/secnet wip-sites-include-2


NB that's a potentially rebasing branch.


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