[PATCH 0/7] Security and logging fixes

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Thu Jun 14 01:38:30 BST 2012

I've been working on fixing some bugs related to poor handling of lost
packets near the end of key setup.  However, while I was trying to
sort out that rather complicated problem, I encountered some yaks:

 1/7 SECURITY: actually reject messages with improper lengths
 2/7 Makefile: honour EXTRA_CFLAGS, etc.
 3/7 log: Eliminate potential out-of-control recursion
 4/7 log: Print truncated messages
 5/7 messages: add some missing newlines
 6/7 netlink: report why a packet is bad
 7/7 netlink: abolish check_config and output_config

This has all been only very lightly tested.

These changes can be found, along with two work-in-progress commits to
the state machine re lost packets, in my REBASING branch

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