[PATCH v2 00/18] Mobile sites, multiple udp ports, cleanups, etc.

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Wed Aug 24 18:20:45 BST 2011

Ian Jackson writes ("[PATCH v2 00/18] Mobile sites, multiple udp ports, cleanups, etc."):
> But partly this depends on who we are making a release for.  So far
> I've had one enquiry, and it's not clear to me whether that user would
> benefit from the new features.  I've asked them to post here with
> their opinion.

I spoke to Jon Amery on IRC:

18:02 <Diziet> Senji: You were going to have an opinion about what
               should be in the secnet release.
18:03 <Senji> Yes.  I should turn the amorphous mass in my head into
               an opinion.
18:06 <Diziet> Personally I would like the whole lot to go in because
               then I could use the new release for zealot.
18:07 <Diziet> We could make two releases but the only point of that
               would be if someone were promising to do backports of
               important fixes.
18:07 <Senji> As a 5c summary I think all the mobile and even
               ip-over-dns stuff would be really handy for me, but
               I've managed without them before.
18:07 <Diziet> The IP-over-DNS stuff isn't even a half-written
               proof-of-concept at this stage.
18:08 <Diziet> OK well if they would be handy for you then I guess
               that means we should include them.
18:13 <Diziet> IWBNI someone other than just me had read them though

I think the conclusion of that is that we should push my series to
master, and call the result a release candidate.  0.2.0~rc1 or
1.0.0~rc1 ?


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