[PATCH v2 00/18] Mobile sites, multiple udp ports, cleanups, etc.

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Wed Aug 17 23:54:18 BST 2011

This series introduces my new mobile sites feature, and a related
feature of being able to run with multiple udp ports.  

I think we should consider which parts of this series ought to be in
the forthcoming release.  My current thoughts are that we should make
a stable branch now, and apply half of this series to it:

These to go into the stable branch, subject to review:
 01-06   Uncontroversial cleanups
 07-09   Reorganisation and minor functional improvements
They are textually large but should be functionally fairly low-risk
provided someone else has double-checked them.

These are more doubtful:
 10-11   Preparatory interface and protocol changes
 12-14   New feature: mobile sites
 15-16   New feature: ability to use multiple udp ports
 17-18   Tests for the new features

Given that the current master has some fairly significant improvements
most of which are cleanup and documentation, it might be argued that
we should make a "maintenance" release and also shortly thereafter a
"new features" release.  

But partly this depends on who we are making a release for.  So far
I've had one enquiry, and it's not clear to me whether that user would
benefit from the new features.  I've asked them to post here with
their opinion.

Finally: some of this series were posted before as the 7-patch series
"new features relating to site addresses, etc".  They have been
updated, extended and some bugs have been fixed.

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