secnet man page

Richard Kettlewell rjk at
Sun Jul 24 18:07:27 BST 2011

I have put a slightly wobbly HTMLification of the current state of my 
secnet man page at:

All comments welcome.  It is entirely reference material at present and 
often terse.

Things that really need addressing:
    - A better name for 'pure closures'.  'netlink generator closure'
    - Clarification of ptp mode, which suffers from my own lack
      of understanding.
    - More examples (ideally one for each of the built-in closures)
    - Does SLIP support have buffer size restrictions like tun does?
    - Check whether everything documented is implemented.  I've
      spotted a number of things that aren't and marked them
      appropriately but there could be others.

sgo-software-discuss will receive a patch series including this manpage 


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