secnet friendly hijack

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Fri Jul 1 23:56:14 BST 2011

(Following on from private emails...)

I have created a git repo on chiark to be the new public master repo.
The intent is that it will have access for me, Steve and Richard
Kettlewell and anyone else we decide it ought to.  Steve, Richard:
Please email me the ssh key(s) you would like to have access.

The public gitweb url for the repo is:

Currently "master" contains release 0.1.16 plus a large series of
cleanups and bugfixes from Richard and myself.

I suggest:

There should be a commit hook which sends emails to greenend.commits
and/or to this list when "master" is updated.  Richard, how easy would
this be to set up ?  (Asking you because you have such a thing already
for some other repos.)

We should try to stabilise what we have now a bit (including putting
it through valgrind) and call it 1.0.0, and make an announcement.

When my new-feature braches are in some kind of reviewable state I
will patchbomb them to this list for discussion.


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