Green End SFTP Server release 0.2

Richard Kettlewell rjk at
Sun Sep 28 11:05:03 BST 2014

This is to announce release 0.2 of my experimental SFTP server.  It is 
possible to use it with the OpenSSH server as a drop-in replacement for 
the SFTP server that it ships with.

It differs from the OpenSSH SFTP server in the following ways:
     * Support for protocol versions up to 6
     * Several SFTP extensions
     * Concurrent handling of pipelined requests

There are no functional changes from 0.1.  The code changes from version 
0.1 are:
     * now uses autoreconf
     * Potential memory hygiene bugs have been fixed.  Many of these
       changes are purely defensive.
     * The protocol pack/unpack functions have been rewritten, and no
       longer trust the compiler to perform unaligned accesses correctly.
Consult the git history for more details.

For more information please visit:


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