rsbackup 1.0

Richard Kettlewell rjk at
Sun Jun 29 14:07:07 BST 2014

I have released rsbackup version 1.0.


    rsbackup is a backup tool that uses rsync to back up your files to
    hard disks.
      * It uses rsync’s ability to hardlink unchanged files together to
        keep multiple copies with at only the space cost of the
      * Backups may be taken from multiple machines (using SSH) and
        stored to multiple filesystems, which could be fixed or external
      * Old backups are removed automatically, according to a per-volume
        policy giving maximum age and minimum number of backups.
      * The current backup status can be generated as a file or sent
        as an email, with plain text and HTML format supported.
      * Hook features are provided to allow operator-supplied programs to
        be run at key points during the backup process, to ensure that
        devices are mounted, to support backing up via snapshots, etc.


Changes in 1.0:

      * New --dump-config option to verify configuration file parse.
      * New --check option to rsbackup-mount.
      * Configuration files are now read in a fixed order.
      * The --force option no longer implies the --verbose option. (This
        was a bug.)
      * Bug fixes.


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