rsbackup 0.4

Richard Kettlewell rjk at
Sun Feb 3 12:46:16 GMT 2013

I have released rsbackup version 0.4.


   rsbackup is a backup tool that uses rsync to back up your files to
   harddisks. It uses rsync's ability to hardlink unchanged files to
   keep multiple copies with at only the space cost of the
   directories. Backups may be taken from multiple machines (over SSH)
   and stored to multiple disks.


Changes in 0.4:

   * The new pre-access-hook and post-access-hook options support
     running “hook” scripts before and after any access to backup
     storage devices.
   * The new pre-backup-hook and post-backup-hook options support
     running “hook” scripts before and after a backup. Although these
     can be used for any purpose, the motivation is to enable the
     creation of LVM snapshots of the subject filesystems (and their
     destruction afterwards), resulting in more consistent backups. The
     supplied hook script only knows about the Linux logical volume
   * The new devices option allows a host or volume to be restricted to
     a subset of devices, identified by a filename glob pattern.
   * The new rsync-timeout option allows a time limit to be imposed on
     a backup.
   * The new check-file option allows backups of a volume to be
     suppressed when it is not available (for instance, because it is
     only sometimes mounted).
   * --verbose (and therefore --dry-run) is now more verbose.
   * --text and --html now accept - to write to standard output.
   * Improved error reporting.
   * Minor bug fixes and portability and build script improvements.
   * rsbackup-mount now supports unencrypted devices and separate key
     material files (contributed by Matthew Vernon).


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