VCS 0.7

Richard Kettlewell rjk at
Sun May 8 15:12:37 BST 2011

I have released VCS 0.7.

What's VCS?

Do you find yourself typing bzr commit in Git branches, or cvs diff in 
your Perforce workspace? Then perhaps VCS is for you.

VCS is a wrapper for version control systems. It presents an essentially 
uniform interface to the user, allowing ‘muscle memory’ to use vcs 
commands rather than adapt to the version control system currently in 
use. Of course, the downside is that you have yet another three-letter 
command to start using!

The supported systems are Bazaar, Git, CVS, Subversion, Mercurial, Darcs 
and Perforce. More could be added. The supported commands are add, 
annotate (blame), clone, commit, diff, edit, log, remove, revert, 
status, update. Again, more could be added.

Where Do I Get It?
================== for source code, .deb files 
and git branches.

What's New In VCS 0.7?

   * There is a new vcs rename command, which renames files under
     version control. This works with all the version control systems
     except CVS.

   * There is a new vcs show command, which shows the diff for an
     existing commit. You can use vcs diff -c to get the same
     effect. This works with all the version control systems except CVS
     and Darcs.

   * The following bugs have been fixed:

     #3      'vcs status' should distinguish files in need of
             'p4 resolve'
     #4      vcs stat should distinguish edited but unmodified files
     #5      Please add --without-werror option to configure
     #6      iconv portability
     #7      Does not detect libiconv on Cygwin
     #9      could we have vcs rename?
     #10     'vcs revert FILENAME' does not work with git
     #11     vcs diff should emulate -N for p4
     #12     Show historical changes
     (none)  Awkward filenames (e.g. starting with -) are more
             reliably handled.
     (none)  vcs -n ... never invokes a pager.


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