Initial questions

David R Lane D_Lane at
Fri Feb 3 20:11:09 GMT 2012

I have had a look at the Latex software and have managed to get a DVI 
file from a text file input and viewed the DVI output in DVIview.

I have version 3.1 of armTeX, version 1.03 of DVIview and version 1.30 
of TeXFonts all of November 2004.

Are there later versions of any of these and, if so, where?

The riscos-tex Archives at 'chiark.greenend' are empty. Are past posts 
to the email list somewhere else?

The "Edit paper sizes ...." item on the iconbar menu of DVIview seems 
stuck on size A2, setting other sizes is not retained. Also the A4 
width and height are incorrect, giving the same figures as for A2.

I couldn't find !DVIview.Doc.Docs in my version of !DVIview although 
this is referred to in the help text file of DVIview.

When I double click on my Latex directory with all the software in it, 
including !TeXFonts, I get an error message titled
Run ADFS::HardDisc4.$........Latex.!TeXFonts.!Boot
and saying
"Repeat: Font prefix is not a path.
Press SPACE or click mouse to continue."
After clicking this away, the filer window of the directory appears 
and I can proceed. Is this to be expected?

Finally, to produce the DVI file I use command line, but would like to 
be able to use the WIMP as it claims you can in the help inside !TeX.
The directions in this readMe don't work for me.

Dave Lane

Windows 7 Ultimate. Yes, let's hope it's the last one.

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