[Debian-uk] Debian BBQ, 26th-28th August in Cambridge

Steve McIntyre steve at einval.com
Wed May 10 13:53:02 BST 2017

Hi folks,

I'm going to host another BBQ at my place in Cambridge this year.

We're using the normal timing: the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of
August, i.e. the 26th to 28th of August.

We'd love to see anybody related to or interested in Debian. There are
details in the wiki at [1]. If you are planning to join us, then
please add your details on that page to help us plan. There is still
some crash space available at my place, but I'm expecting it to run
out quickly. :-)

See you in August!

[1] http://wiki.earth.li/DebianParty2017

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve at einval.com
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 whether they're being malicious or incompetent. Capital letters are forecast."
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