[Debian-uk] Debian ts/polos - with prices, ready to order...

Steve McIntyre steve at einval.com
Mon Jun 20 23:55:36 BST 2016

Hey folks,

I've been into Talking Ts today and got prices on various things,
based on the number of items that people have expressed interest
in. We're looking at a smaller order than last year, so prices are a
bit higher (all inc VAT):

  * K403 Polo shirts (http://our-catalogue.com/TATS/?p=K403) £15.20 each
  * GD57 Hoodie (http://our-catalogue.com/TATS/?p=GD57) £16.70 each
  * RS36 Fleece (http://our-catalogue.com/TATS/?p=RS36) £19.95 each
  * FR100 Rugby Shirt (http://our-catalogue.com/TATS/?p=FR100) £19.80 each

  Finally, unfortunately it seems that suppliers are no longer
  stocking the OK10 "Hippy" Ts that I've done several times
  before. :-( A suggested alternative in similar quality (and also
  WRAP certified) is

  * 215M premium heavyweight T-shirts
    (http://our-catalogue.com/TATS/?p=215M) £12.05 each

  I checked a sample of these today and it looked and felt reasonable,
  but I'll understand if people are less interested in these. Even if
  everybody who asked about these changes their mind, we'll still be
  in the same price band overall, so...

So, now I've got some quoted prices I'm ready to place an order. Each
of the items above comes in a range of colours and we should be able
to get hold of whatever's shown in the catalogue links above. Go take
a look!

To be absolutely clear: I've only had a couple of people ask about
*printed* T-shirts, which makes that a non-starter. Instead, all that
I'm going to order are items *embroidered* with the Debian swirl in
red on the left breast. I am planning on placing the order exactly 2
weeks from now, on Monday 4 July.

If you'd like to order something from the above list, please confirm
*full* details to me now:

 * item(s)
 * size(s)
 * colour(s)
 * price, based on the above numbers
 * when and how we'll pass on the item(s); I'm prepared to post things
   too, but obviously I'll add the cost of P&P
 * that you promise to pay me (BACS/cash etc. preferred) - this is not
   a Debian UK purchase, I'll be paying for these myself!

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve at einval.com
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