[Debian-uk] Lumicall feedback at mini DebConf

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Wed Oct 28 09:45:39 GMT 2015

While at mini-DebConf Cambridge, I'd be interested in getting feedback
from anybody who has tried Lumicall, especially with the debian.org SIP
accounts[1] and especially if you experience any crashes or UI glitches
that are hard to report over email.

The latest version 1.12.9 (also available in f-droid[2]) brings together
a lot of fixes[3] for issues people reported at DebConf15.

In particular, there is now a rapid account setup, the form just asks
for your debian.org SIP address and RTC password (set in LDAP[4]).

When running Lumicall the first time, you can either bypass the option
to register your number (tap the manual account setup link) or register
your number (creates a SIP address like +447xxxxx at sip5060.net) and then
go to the menu and click "Add Account".  Either way you should then be
registered with the debian.org SIP service.



1. https://rtc.debian.org
3. https://github.com/opentelecoms-org/lumicall/commits/master
4. https://db.debian.org/login.html

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