[Debian-uk] SUMMARY Re: Time for new T-shirts and polos?

Steve McIntyre steve at einval.com
Fri May 1 01:45:47 BST 2015

codehelp:        XXL hippy x4
		 white XXL polo x2
		 navy XXL polo x2
		 ask about fleece
Matthew Vernon:  XL hippy x1
Steve Capper:	 XL hippy x1
      		 XL polo x1
Lars:		 polo x2
		 ask about fleece / hoody
Robinson-Wall:	 polo x1
RattusRattus:	 XXL hippy x4
		 Ladies hippy x2
		 Child's hippy x2
Wakeling:	 hippy x2
Waring:		 polo x2
adsb:		 polo x2
		 hippy x2
mafm:		 polo x1, check on colours
Banichi:	 hippy x2
fil:		 hippy x2
Jo:		 polo x2
Me:		 hippy x4
		 polo x3

TOTALS:  hippy  26    polo 18

OTHER 4 interest in fleece, hoody, sweatshirt

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