[Debian-uk] Time for new T-shirts and polos?

Steve McIntyre steve at einval.com
Tue Mar 31 16:02:27 BST 2015

Hi folks,

I'm pondering doing some more embroidered Debian Ts and polos *to
order* only. Let me know by email (see Reply-To!) if you're interested
and I'll see if we have anough to make sense.

FTAOD: I'm not doing this as a Debian UK Society thing, and I'm not
looking to keep stock. Because of that:

 * I'm only planning on doing the embroidered stuff, not screen
   print. That'll make costs work sensibly. If you want any of the
   other designs we've done in the past, I hope Talking Ts in
   Cambridge should still have the screens on hand and you can talk to
   them direct!

 * I'm happy to order whatever you might want in terms of sizes and
   colours. As a base, I'm expecting to do the "hippy" Ts that we've
   had in the past (fair trade, fair labour, unbleached) and polos,
   but if you ask me nicely I might be persuaded to find out prices
   for other things like sweatshirts, fleeces etc.

 * For now, I'm looking to get an *idea* of numbers desired so I can
   get a price. Once I have that idea I'll talk to the Talking Ts
   folks and get a quote. I'll confirm with people based on prices,
   and if you commit at that point I'll place an order.

 * Once I've paid for the order, I'll be asking for the money straight
   away. I'm happy to post things out to people if desired, or to hold
   them for collection (e.g. at the BBQ or DC15), but I'm not offering
   to loan you the money for 4 months!

I'll give people until *Monday 20th April* to respond to me, then get
prices. If you've forgotten what the Ts and polos look like, there are
still pictures linked from http://www.einval.com/~steve/DebianT/ Let
me know!

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