[Debian-uk] Dropping Cambridge bid for 2017

Andy Simpkins andy at koipond.org.uk
Tue Dec 15 12:18:46 GMT 2015

>> If student accommodation is vacant in the summer months it might be
>> affordable.
> Student accommodation in Cambridge is typically full during the summer
> months - there are a large number of summer schools and Cambridge
> colleges make significant proportions of their income from those
> schools. The reputation of the university only feeds the demand which
> makes the costs much higher than other university towns. Proximity to
> London also has an impact on the base cost of general accommodation. It
> was always going to be one of the more difficult parts of the Cambridge
> bid and has been under constant evaluation, especially whether any of
> the student accommodation could be made affordable by using personal
> relationships between the many DD's who were educated here. A lot of
> work has already gone into the problem of accommodation in Cambridge
> for the bid.

Collage accommodation might be possible (Anglia Ruskin for example but 
as Sledge found out they don't look that far ahead in time 2016 would be 
possible but 2017 is just too far out for them).

So I spent quite a bit of time looking for accommodation, outside of halls.
The budget hotels were, *special* in their response..

     Emily Colson (Travelodge) "I have spoken to my manager and the 
revenue manager for Cambridge
                                Newmarket Road and we can quote an 
approximate rate of £85.00 per
                                room, room only. "

     Andy Simpkins             "A quick look at your website for booking 
the same time of year
                                (admittedly 2016 not 2017) shows an 
average price of £47.64 per
                                night for those two weeks"

     Emily Colson "The rates you can see on the website are saver rates 
which are
                                non-refundable and cannot be changed."

     Andy Simpkins "I understand.  So if we were to pay a year in advance,
                                non-refundable?  Perhaps just book all 
of the rooms on-line?"

     Emily Colson "That would still be £85 per room.   I am afraid we 
cannot accept
                                bookings for more than 5 rooms on-line."

I am happy to have another go at some later time, but it is obvious to 
me that the hotels in the area are not interested in offering any real 
discount for advance bookings because they know that they will be full 
or mostly full most of the year, so negotiating a reduced rate will not 
be an option.  It is also my experience that room rates go up as the 
hotel fills so even if we were to try and make a large number of 
bookings at the same time on line the prices would change :-(


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