[Debian-uk] Visiting Cambridge

Jonathan McDowell noodles at earth.li
Tue Sep 10 00:56:21 BST 2013

A month too late to join you all at the BBQ it looks like I'm going to
be in the Cambridge area; probably between the 28th September and 2nd
October. It would be good to meet up with people for beer or whatever -
perhaps on the evening of the 28th?

Suggestions of suitable places to be able to hang out and hack (power,
coffee and wifi) would be nice. And if anyone's up for being able to
offer some crash space for part of it I'd be very grateful. :)


"Just chill. What's with all the rush? Debian is brewed longer for a
stronger, fresher taste. We only release it when it's ready." --
Robster, posting to debian-devel about Woody.

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