[Debian-uk] open-source accounting in the UK?

Paul Martin pm at debian.org
Sun Oct 6 16:58:53 BST 2013

On Fri, Oct 04, 2013 at 10:38:49AM +0100, Philip Hands wrote:

> I first started looking for a replacement accounting system when Labour
> helpfully twiddled with the VAT rate, which my cobbled together mess of
> perl and postgres wasn't quite ready for...

The commercial accounting products didn't cope much better.  I had to
reverse engineer the Sage Line 50 file format to write a program to
recalculate the several thousand "memorised transactions"
(ie. recurring invoices) to fix the VAT rate when it changed from
17.5% to 15%, something that the program was incapable of doing

In the process of working on that I discovered that that version of
Sage stored all money values as single precision floats.

Paul Martin <pm at debian.org>

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