[Debian-uk] Time for another Bug Squashing Party

Neil Williams codehelp at debian.org
Mon Jan 23 19:00:08 GMT 2012

On Mon, 23 Jan 2012 18:05:49 +0000
Steve McIntyre <steve at einval.com> wrote:

> Hey folks,
> As I've just been discussing with folks on IRC, it's been a while
> since we had one in the UK, and we're going to freeze this summer
> according to the release team. So...

I'm in!
> I'm tempted to host a BSP one weekend in March (*way* too busy before
> then!) at my place in Cambridge, or would people prefer somewhere else
> instead? Please speak up so we can get something organised.

Much as I'd like to offer, I don't have as much space as you, Steve.
However, I'll make crash space available as ever. No particular
preference for dates, whatever suits the hosts best is fine with me.


Neil Williams

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