[Debian-uk] Equipment for free ...

Peter Horton phorton at bitbox.co.uk
Sat Nov 5 16:17:45 GMT 2011


I've got some Cobalt equipment that needs a new and caring home.

	1 x Cobalt RaQ2 (128MB RAM, 6.4GB disk)
	1 x Qube2       (128MB RAM, 40GB  disk)
	1 x Qube2700    (32MB RAM,  20GB  disk)

(pictures here http://www.colonel-panic.org/COBALT)

All are in full working order and I've just re-installed them all with 
Debian "squeeze".

The "Qube2" has been modified slightly. It has a second boot Flash part 
piggy backed onto the first. Which one the unit boots from is selected 
by a jumper. One of them has the original Cobalt firmware and the other 
has probably been programmed with "CoLo".

The "Qube2700" has been fitted with a PCI twin serial port card but that 
card had to be modified to work with the unit (there is no +/-12V on the 
Qube PCI connectors).

Any takers ?


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