[Debian-uk] Debconf return train booking via Zagreb and Munich [and 1 more messages]

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Sun May 1 15:25:24 BST 2011

I wrote:
> I currently intend to book:
>   For Joachim Breitner, Philip Hands, and myself:
>     Sunday 31st July
>     Zagreb - Munich 
>     dep 2115, arr 0615 Monday
>     One 3-person sleeper berth

This is now done.  The total price was Eur210.50 including booking
fee, so Eur70.16 each.  Joachim, it's probably easiest if you just
give me cash (euros or pounds) at Debconf.  

Phil, converting that with the rate from xe.com gives L62.21.  
Cash is fine, or you send it by bank transfer to 07-01-16 33660736.

Philip Hands writes ("Re: [Debian-uk] Debconf return train booking via Zagreb and Munich"):
> Well, the convenience of travelling in a pack and getting home earlier
> may well be worth the extra by that time in the journey, so I'd be
> interested in knowing the price.

It's going to be considerably more expensive.  I don't have my
complete notes to hand here but I think probably on the order of
Eur150.  Also whether you want to do this may depend on whether you're
getting a special saver ticket from London on the way out, as Eurostar
singles are disproportionately expensive.

I'll do my booking tonight and let you know how much it was and then
you can decide.


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